Uncategorized September 19, 2017

Why Millennials Choose To Buy Lynden, WA Real Estate

“Millennials” and “real estate” are two terms that seem to go together like peanut butter and jelly lately. Everywhere we are seeing articles on the two. While it may seem like other demographics are getting left out, millennials make up for one of the largest groups of people looking to buy real estate in Lynden, WA. Which makes sense. After all, this includes the late 20’s and early 30’s age groups. This is about that time in life when people have graduated from college, they have chosen their career and they are looking to find a stable place that also provides equity. There are also some other reasons why they choose to buy Lynden, WA real estate. Check them out here.

1.) One of the biggest reasons millennials are choosing to buy real estate in Lynden, WA right now is so they have control over their living space. When you rent, you just don’t get the leeway that you do when you pay the mortgage. I mean, you pay a mortgage anyway, you may as well be able to decide how to decorate or redo the home you are living in, right?

2.) Along with having control, you also have flexibility in your decisions regarding the future. When you own Lynden, WA real estate, your monthly housing cost basically works as a savings account you can tap into later. Which is perfect during times that may feel financially uncertain.

3.) Millennials also view living in Lynden, WA real estate as a way to be plugged into the local community. When your home value is directly tied to your neighborhood and town, you can’t help but be more aware and get involved.

4.) Living in a nicer home is another reason millennials are buying. Whether you buy a nicer home or renovate as time goes on, the goal is to upgrade.

5.) A sense of security is another driving factor. Both with knowing how much your payments are going to be each month AND who is coming to your home.

Are you looking to buy real estate in Lynden, WA? Give me a call, I would be happy to help!