Uncategorized May 24, 2017

The New Rules of Listing In a Seller’s Market

When it comes to selling Lynden, WA real estate, it is no longer as easy as putting in a for sale sign and simply holding an open house. In fact, thanks to technology, marketing a home for sale in Lynden, WA has become a multi-faceted process. Times have changed and so have the rules, thanks to the seller’s market that we have found ourselves in. Of course, on one hand you would think it would be easier with the low inventory and the high demand, but it has become a little more complicated. With so many buyers feeling the pressure of increased mortgage rates and home prices, people are not only trying to put in appealing offers, but fast. Which can feel overwhelming for the sellers. If you are selling Lynden, WA real estate, here is how you can navigate this market.


First thing is first: Price it right from the start. This is actually old news and a topic I have covered a fair amount. However, more and more sellers are overpricing, thinking they can get way over market value for their home because people are desperate. It is the opposite of why buyer’s low ball in a buyer’s market. They think they can and people will still accept an offer or make a purchase. However, what it usually does is offend the seller (if you are the buyer) or cause buyers to pass over your home (if you are the seller). As a seller, the biggest issue with over pricing is your home could end of sitting for an extended period of time, which causes buyers to think there is something wrong with it. Besides, today’s buyers are very savvy and they usually will know if a home for sale in Lynden, WA is over priced. So take your Lynden, WA Realtors advice and price it according to the market value.

Preparing The Home

The first impression is everything. There are a lot of experts that suggest professional staging pays off, however that can be difficult to manage when a family is still living in the home during the listing period. Some more manageable options are cleaning, decluttering, selling and packing so the home has the least amount of items as possible. You are moving anyway and this gives you a great head start! From there, ask your realtor for advice on how to move the furniture to maximize space, flow of the room and functionality. If a home is vacant, virtual staging is a great option. There are many different scenarios, and with that comes different options. The most important part is making sure your Lynden, WA real estate shows well.


A qualified Lynden, WA realtor is going to take marketing very seriously. Of course, every home is different, but usually it starts off with professional photography which then leads to virtual tours, 3D tours, a video, online galleries, flyers and postcards. As a Lynden, WA realtor, I like to make sure that my seller’s homes are being seen on all channels and professional photography is one of the most important aspects that ensure your home is seen in the best light possible. With over 80% of buyers starting their search online, this gives them a great opportunity to virtually tour your home. Another important part of marketing Lynden, WA real estate is social media. As a local realtor, I like to post my listings on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram so my professional and personal sphere sees a brand new listing as soon as it hits the market. The seller’s also are able to then share their listing with friends and family with ease.

Handling Multiple Offers

As we now know well, inventory is low. The result of this is the potential for multiple offers. While this is a good “problem” to have, it can feel overwhelming trying to ensure you are picking the right offer for you. The best way to get through this is knowing exactly what kind of offer you are looking for. You may hope for the ability to rent back for a couple months to have time to find a new home, or you may want certain contingencies removed or a two weeks close. Knowing what you want will help you pick an offer if you happen to have multiple offers coming in at once.

For more information on selling a home in Lynden, WA, give me a call. I would be happy to provide a market analysis of your home.