Uncategorized April 25, 2017

What Buyers Really Want

What do home buyers really want? If you are selling your Lynden, WA real estate this is a good question to ask and an even better answer to know. While you might think that your home needs to look like a Pinterest dream, you will be pleasantly surprised to find out most home buyers needs are, thankfully, pretty simple. How do we know? Realtor.com released a survey after asking buyers what they want in a home. If you are selling your real estate in Lynden, WA, it is a competitive market so be sure to give this one a read!

First, let’s start with the basics. While you might assume the current shopper is hoping for a 5 bed, 4 bath sprawling mini mansion, most are seeking a 3 bed, 2 bath home for sale in Lynden, WA. 42% of buyers are looking for ranch style homes for sale in Lynden, WA. While consumers are searching a bit more on the modest side, one of the features they are looking for is a fabulous kitchen. 80% of potential buyers ranked it as 1 of the 3 most important rooms in a home, with 49% voting master and 42% voting the living room. While a super expensive kitchen remodel doesn’t always give you a high return on investment (ROI) at resale, consider making some affordable upgrades. If your budget is small, maybe stain the cabinets and install new hardware. If your budget is bigger, upgrade some of the appliances. Whatever you do, make sure your kitchen stands out.

Of course when it comes to Lynden, WA real estate, room to roam is important. If your yard isn’t huge, figure out how you can maximize what you do have. Take down some trees or remove some shrubs. If you have plenty of space, consider adding a patio designated for entertaining or a fence if your home does not have one. Whatever you do, just know that if you are selling real estate in Lynden, WA, this feature is important and highly sought after.

Speaking of space, the garage is another desirable feature. In fact, some demographics preferred a larger garage over a larger living room! If your garage is cluttered, clean it out, organize it and/or add shelves to show off how much space it really has.

Features not high on the list? Surprisingly rooms like in law-suites, man caves and guest houses. Sure, they are nice but if you are selling real estate in Lynden, WA think about showing off these extra spaces as a den, bonus family area or potential office space.

If you are looking to buy a home for sale in Lynden, WA or have some general real estate questions, feel free to give me a call!