Uncategorized January 22, 2017

Why You Shouldn’t Wait To Buy

Just because temperatures have cooled down does not mean that Lynden, WA real estate has! Buying a home in the winter is a great time to snag a home for sale in Lynden, WA without all the competition that spring and summer brings. But that isn’t the only reason. Read below to find out why you shouldn’t wait until spring and summer to buy real estate in Lynden, WA!

  • Prices are only going UP! CoreLogic’s recently released their Home Price Index and it showed that home prices have gone up 6.3% just in the last year. It also reports a predicted increase of 5.2% over the next year. By waiting to buy, you could be priced out of that home for sale in Lynden, WA you have been eyeing.
  • Speaking of increases, Mortgage interest rates have also gone up and they aren’t coming down anytime soon. In fact, they are predicted to increase along with home prices. They are still historically low which means you could get into that home for sale in Lynden, WA with a great rate. After all, the littlest increase can impact your monthly mortgage payment a lot.
  • You are paying a mortgage regardless so it may as well be your own. Mortgage payments are like a forced savings. When you pay your mortgage on time every single month, your Lynden, WA real estate gains equity that you can tap into later if you need.

Let’s take away the increase in home prices and mortgage rates for a second and look at why you are buying. What is your motive? Is it to be closer to work, for a growing family or specifically for an investment? Ask yourself these questions and then sit down with a Lynden, WA realtor to discuss your scenario. A good Lynden, WA realtor will have your best interest at heart and advise you according to your situation. For more information on buying real estate in Lynden, WA, give me a call at 360-410-0848.