Uncategorized January 22, 2017

Selling This Winter? Avoid These Mistakes!

When it comes to buying, or selling Lynden, WA real estate in a competitive market, there are some nuances that you will want to be aware of to have a successful transaction. As always, I strongly urge people to do their due diligence when it comes to picking out a qualified Lynden, WA Realtor. This is the most important first step and can greatly impact your experience. Last month I wrote about mistakes to avoid if you are buying a home for sale in Lynden, WA. This month I want to cover mistakes to avoid when you are selling Lynden, WA real estate. As we all know by now, winter is considered a little slower compared to spring and summer. However, selling your home during this time of year has some incredible perks! Check out how you can take advantage of these perks by avoiding these real estate snafus.

  • Do not get lazy with the landscaping. That should go without saying in a town that is known for our impeccable landscaping skills. However, during the cold, rainy and snowy months it can feel like a lost caused keeping your grounds maintained. After all, more wet weather always seems to be on the way. However, if you have a home for sale in Lynden, WA you will want to make sure that access is easy, and presentable. So keep the wet leaves out of site and the walkways cleared with ice melt.
  • Don’t let the winter blahs frustrate you. “Priced to sell” can be a different price point at different times of the year depending on the market. If you are selling your Lynden, WA real estate this winter, just remember that buyers are looking online every single day of the year. If your home is priced per the market, you will get some action.
  • Stay on top of the cleaning. I know, it seems like a lost cause when everyone is tracking in snow, rain and mud. However, thanks to those leafless trees outside, there is a lot more light coming in through those windows which shows off everything: dust, sticky finger prints on the windows and any corner you may have overlooked when you were going through with a vacuum.
  • Keep the exterior listing photos of your home for sale in Lynden, WA updated per the season. If it is a snowy winter, ask your Lynden, WA Realtor to get an updated photo with the snow. This not only accurately represents your home, but it keeps your listing looking fresh. We know your home probably looks gorgeous in the summer with the full trees, bright green lawn and award winning roses, but that isn’t what your home for sale in Lynden, WA looks like all year around. If you want those photos included in the listing on the MLS, ask your Lynden, WA realtor to make sure they remain on there, just not as the main shot.
  • Don’t turn down the heat! This is big. Washington has a lot of moisture in the air so winter can be chilly. If you turn down the heat while you are at work to save on a bill, you could be losing prospective buyers. Think about it: If you are coming in from outside when it is freezing and a home isn’t cozy and warm, you won’t stay long. In fact, you will probably breeze through and not really give the house the full attention it deserves. Allow people to stay a while and really get a good look at the house and discuss it with their Lynden, WA Realtor.
  • Finally, do not make it hard for people to access your home for sale in Lynden, WA. Everyone is still unwinding from the holidays and you may have stuff you still need to put away. However, when you make it hard for people to view your home, you could lose out on a great buyer. Winter buyers are generally very serious so if you must sell, make it easy for them.

For more information on selling your Lynden, WA real estate in the winter, give me a call at 360-410-0848.