Uncategorized January 22, 2017

Why You Should Choose A Realtor That Makes Your A Priority

As I have discussed in previous blogs, when it comes to buying or selling in Lynden, WA, choosing a local Lynden, WA Real Estate expert is KEY. As with any service, you usually do your research to find an expert who specializes in what you are looking for. Lynden, WA real estate is no exception. In today’s competitive real estate market, it is crucial to find someone who not only has your best interest at heart, but someone who has been in the business a long time.

There are a lot of people who hear about a Lynden, WA realtor’s success (not knowing the time, energy and money that goes into this business) and jump in thinking it will be quick money. Once in, they realize they underestimated the work, odd hours, local nuances, paperwork, time and the money it takes to be successful in this industry and they either pick up a second job or put Lynden, WA real estate on the back burner. When it comes to making one of the biggest financial decisions of your life, you deserve more than that. You need to make sure you pick someone who is not only dedicated to this business but also to their clients.

If you watch TV, you are likely familiar with the character Phil Dunny. He is not only the big hearted Realtor on ABC’s Modern Family who is always going above and beyond for his clients. He is also the current face of the National Association of Realtors as well as other advertisements. In a very recent episode of the hour long program, he created an oath that he holds himself accountable to:

“On my honor, I promise to aid in man’s quest for shelter, to recognize I’m not just in the business of houses — I’m in the business of dreams in the shape of houses. To disclose all illegal additions, shoddy construction, murders, and ghosts. And to put my clients’ needs before my own.”

If you are looking for a Lynden, WA realtor, be sure yours not only holds themselves to a similar oath, but also has the following traits:

  • Knows the local market, from past, present to future. When you pick someone who has worked as a local realtor in Lynden, WA for a long time, they will know the patterns of the local market and economy. Knowing this information helps them to better advise you make an informed Lynden, WA real estate decision.
  • Knows the different neighborhoods. You should be able to tell a Realtor is Lynden, WA what you want in a home and neighborhood and they should be able to tell you immediately which local area best suites you. As Phil says, we are not just in the business of houses. We are in the business of matching people with the home that is perfect for them and their needs.
  • Knows the paperwork and laws and stays on top of what changes are coming down the pipeline. You could be doing a huge disservice to yourself if you pick someone who is not well versed in local real estate. The purchase and sale agreement is a legally binding contract. One missed signature or a check on the wrong box could cause you some serious head aches down the line.
  • Above all else, make sure they are honest with you. Make sure they are responsive and clearly walk you through the process. You want someone who can help you navigate any bumps in the road. You do not want someone who sugar coats things just to close a deal.

For more information on buying or selling real estate in Lynden, WA, give me a call. I would be happy to help!