Uncategorized December 26, 2016

Buying This Winter? Avoid These Mistakes

If you are buying Lynden, WA real estate, you likely are looking to get the best possible price on a home for sale in Lynden, WA.  Winter has been dubbed “The Buyer’s Market”, and while that may not apply in today’s current conditions, it isn’t completely off base. There is usually less competition during the colder months making it perfect for the serious buyer. People usually move during the spring and summer as it lines up better with school schedules, plus buyers that aren’t serious usually don’t like trekking through the snow and rain to view a home for sale in Lynden, WA. If you are planning on being a winter buyer, avoid these mistakes!

Expecting To Score A Deal

In the winter, prices are usually a little lower, the sellers are typically motivated and bidding wars are something that only happen in the summer time, right? Not quite. This summer’s inventory was tight, yes, but it still is. With interest rates rising and home prices doing the same, there are motivate buyers who want to get into something before spring and summer. If you think you are the only buyer looking to purchase Lynden, WA real estate, you are wrong. So don’t underbid on your dream home for sale in Lynden because you think the sellers are desperate for an offer.

Being Inflexible

When it comes to buying Lynden, WA real estate, you need to be a little spontaneous. When a home becomes available and your agent calls you to schedule the showing, try and get in as early as possible. The weather may be awful, the kids may be whining or you might just feel like you had a long day at work and you want to go home. When inventory is low, and a home for sale in Lynden, WA comes on the market in your price range-you must act fast.

Holiday Debt

If you feel like all you are doing during the holidays is swiping the plastic, you are among many. Between Halloween and New Year’s there are gifts to be exchanged, extra holiday food to buy, dinners out and parties to get ready for. It can be expensive. If you are buying a home for sale in Lynden, WA, watch how much you are charging. Even if your credit is great, when you suddenly rack up the credit card debt, you change your debt to income ratio which can have a negative impact on your approval. If you know home buying is on the horizon, start the shopping process early or set a strict budget you know you can pay off.

Ignoring Your Imagination

So the property isn’t something off of Pinterest. The floors may need to be redone or the yard may be looking kind of sad. However, it has the amount of beds and baths you need and the large fenced yard in the neighborhood you desire within your price point. Use your imagination and think about what it could be. Don’t miss out on Lynden, WA real estate simply because it isn’t already perfect.

Not Paying Attention To Closing Delays

Things do not go as planned, especially when it comes to real estate.  If the Lynden, WA real estate you are looking to purchase needs new plumbing, new wiring or other fixes, do not be relaxed about their completion date. Especially during the winter. There are certain maintenance tasks that cannot happen in heavy rain or snow. Which means if there are things that need to be done before a home closes, make sure they get done as soon as possible otherwise closing could be delayed.

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