Uncategorized December 21, 2016

Listing Your Home: The Steps & How Long They Take

If you are listing your home for sale, you may be wondering how it works and how long each step takes. If you are in a super hot real estate market, it may feel like it happened overnight. If you are in a real estate market that has more inventory, it could feel like a slower process. So what goes into listing a home for sale in Lynden, WA? Check out these main steps and how long they usually take.

How long does it take to list a home?

This usually takes anywhere from a few days to a week. First your Lynden Realtor will have to put together paperwork that you will need to sign. There is the listing agreement that discuss the terms, a seller’s disclosure, various addendum’s and the listing input sheet that is then entered into the NWMLS. There is also scheduling professional photography, staging services if it applies and then the marketing materials. Generally, once the professional photos have been sent to your Lynden, WA realtor and the listing paperwork has been filled out, it goes pretty fast.

How long before I get an offer?

Once your home has been listed, you are likely hoping for an offer pretty quickly. You will probably get a lot of showings the first couple weeks and your Lynden, WA Realtor will likely hold a few open houses and a broker tour to get as many eyes on it as possible. While a home in Dallas, TX may get offers within minutes of being listed, a unique property on land in the middle of nowhere may sit a little longer. Currently the national average is 65 days but it really all comes down to the property and the market. When you discuss selling your Lynden, WA real estate with your realtor, be sure to ask what the current stats are for your area.

How long before we close escrow?

The current national average is about 50 days but it varies based on the situation. While 50 days feels like a long time, there is a lot to be done during that time frame. If the buyer didn’t get pre-approved, they have to apply for the financing and wait for approval. Then there is the inspection and the appraisal. If something comes up on the inspection and you as the seller say you will fix it, and don’t, that will come up on the final walk through and delay closing. If you are serious about selling your Lynden, WA Real Estate be sure to do your part to help move things along.

How long before I see my money?

Immediately! Once you sign the dotted line, the title or escrow company that is holding your money either cuts a check or wires the money right away.

How long do I have to move out?

This varies, but usually zero days. Unless you have a rent back agreement, the buyers usually take possession of their Lynden, WA real estate as soon as they sign the dotted line. As a seller, you usually move out before the close of escrow. However, there are special scenarios where you may be given a little bit of leeway.

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