Uncategorized November 27, 2016

Buying? 5 Things To Require From Your Realtor

Buying Lynden, WA real estate? Whether you are new to the process or a seasoned veteran, the idea of touring multiple homes, the negotiations and paperwork may feel like a bit much. Hiring a qualified Lynden, WA realtor can make buying a home feel like a breeze. But how do you know that you found the right realtor in Lynden? Be sure they can provide these 5 things.

Working Within Your Timeline

If you are on a strict schedule, whether it be because of school starting or a job transfer, pick a qualified Realtor that can help you meet that goal. You may not be able to get into the Lynden, WA real estate you want by the date you desire, but make sure they have a back up plan like suggestions for interim housing.

Price Honesty

When it comes to making an offer on Lynden, WA real estate, make sure your realtor explains their plan on how to get the seller and bank to accept the price. In today’s competitive market, you want a realtor that is going to help you come in with a strong offer from the start. Not one that creates an average offer with the hopes of negotiating later.

Navigating The Challenges

Lynden, WA real estate has a lot of nuances. From all the necessary forms to beating out the competition, you need a realtor in Lynden, WA that can meet any challenge head on, successfully. This is one of the biggest financial investments you will make. Pick someone that goes to bat for you and makes the process as seamless as possible.

Finding The Right Home

Chances are if you are buying a home for sale in Lynden, WA, you likely have some specifics you are looking for within the home. Moving is a big change regardless of how easy your real estate agent makes it. Make sure they know what exactly it is you are looking for, what needs are non-negotiable and what isn’t. They shouldn’t be wasting your time showing you homes that do not work for you.

Delivering News Eloquently

Real Estate isn’t always as easy as finding a house, making an offer, having it be accepted without negotiations and then moving in. Things pop up. The seller could want you to cover closing costs, something you weren’t financially anticipating. The inspection report could come back with some deal breakers. The appraisal could come up short. You need someone who has the courage to deliver news like this AND help you come up with solutions.

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