Uncategorized September 2, 2016

Realtor Tip: How To Stage Your Home

In Lynden, WA real estate, you often hear two sides to the “Should I use a stager to sell my home?” argument. In general, staged homes sell for more money and quickly. Sometimes a Realtor will not deem it necessary if the home is in good condition and shows well. Some Lynden, WA Realtor’s have the knack after so many years of being in the business. In fact, we will do a walk through with our clients before listing their Lynden, WA real estate. We use this opportunity to view the home and make suggestions that buyers like to see as well as things that will open up the home and make it appear as though it has more space. Whether your Lynden Broker recommends hiring someone or helps you free of charge, it is important to tweak your home’s appearance, if even just a little, to appeal to a buyer. We compiled some great tips from Realtor.com as well as our own experience to help you get your Lynden, WA home for sale ready for market.

1.) Declutter!

Before your home is marked active, you need to get rid of some stuff. Go through the closest, cupboards, attic and basement and figure out what can be tossed, donated and sold. Don’t go shoving it back into the garage or the closet’s either. In fact, a great tip we picked up from our trusty friends at realtor.com is “halving” these spaces. Take half of the stuff out. By doing this, you make the space look bigger than it is, which in turn appears as though your Lynden home for sale has plenty of storage and room for a potential buyer’s things.

2.) Mirror mirror on the wall.

This is an age old tip but it works! Mirrors can make a Lynden, WA home for sale look larger than it is and it reflects light. Phrases like “Light & Bright!” or “Spacious open floor plan!” are all keywords when it comes to marketing a home for sale in Lynden, WA. So if your home needs a little extra help in this department, take note. Another idea to try is removing the screens off your windows as this also lets in more light.

3.) Go green!

No, we don’t mean go out and spend a bunch of money on making your home more environmentally conscious (although there are some great tax breaks for this!), we mean add some plants. Don’t turn your Lynden, WA real estate into a jungle, but adding a few strategically placed plants absorbs odors, soften edges and the space in general. It also gives your home a little more color without painting the walls in your favorite (key word here) color.

Need some more ideas to get your Lynden, WA home ready for the market? Let me know how I can help. Call 360-410-0848 for more info.