Uncategorized August 22, 2016

Why You Should Work With A Lynden, WA Realtor

When buying and selling Lynden real estate, you should enlist the help of a qualified Lynden Realtor to assist you. We have discussed why For Sale By Owner is not recommended in past blogs, but we haven’t focused on why you should work with an actual Lynden, WA real estate professional. With forecasts for higher mortgage interest rates and home prices on the horizon, the reasons to work with an experienced Lynden real estate agent have only gotten stronger. Check out the main reasons for having a professional in your corner when it comes to this major financial decision.

1. Do you have your finger on the pulse of the market?

In other words, do you really know what is going on? With SO much information on Lynden, WA real estate available, it can be really confusing on what is (and isn’t) accurate. Plus, real estate varies from state to state and even town to town. Just because homes are flying off the market in a neighboring area doesn’t mean it is happening in your town right now. This could be due to several factors. The only way to know for sure what is happening in YOUR market is by hiring a long time local Lynden, WA Realtor. They can not only share what is happening in your immediate area, but break it down to the specifics on your neighborhood. This helps you competitively price your home for the market, and the buyers. Or if you are buying, they can help you figure out how to make a competitive offer that works for both parties. Additionally, you know that when you align yourself with a professional that your experience will not only go smoother, but you are making an educated decision that you later on won’t regret.

2. What are Lynden, WA homes for sale really worth?

Whether you are buying or selling Lynden, WA real estate, it is crucial that the home is priced correctly for the current market conditions. From a selling side, if your home is priced well from the start, you will attract more buyers and their offers in a shorter amount of time. In this current market, that has resulted in some bidding wars and over asking offers. From a buyer side, your Lynden, WA Realtor will advise you on what the home is really worth so you know you aren’t overpaying. They can also navigate how to handle making an offer on an overpriced home and the negotiations that will likely follow.

3. If you are a buyer, what do you do after you find that DREAM Lynden, WA real estate for sale?

According to real estate experts, there is a possibility for over 200 actions that could take place during a Lynden, WA real estate transaction. With real estate being such a detail oriented industry, if you miss a necessary step it could change the deal against your favor. Aligning yourself with a qualified Realtor ensures you get every aspect done so you can sail into closing with minimal stress.

4. How about all that paperwork?

Speaking of all those steps, let’s talk about all the paperwork. Every single state has different laws, regulations, addendum’s and if that wasn’t daunting enough, these things are constantly changing. You want someone who knows the ins and outs of contracts, local and state laws and any possible changes that could have an impact on you and your real estate transaction.

5. Are you a savvy negotiator?

You may pride yourself on snagging a good deal, but real estate negotiations are different than bartering at a garage sale. Keep in mind that negotiations aren’t just done between you and the other party. You have the appraisers, inspectors, potentially lawyers, banks and more. Letting a Lynden, WA real estate agent help you with this part will save you time, money and even some stress.

If you are looking to buy or sell real estate in Lynden, don’t go it alone. Give me a call at 360-410-0848 and let me know how I can help.