Uncategorized August 22, 2016

Real Estate Buyer’s Remorse & How To Avoid It

Buyer’s remorse happens with all kinds of purchases: Clothes, Flat screens, cars, spendy vacations…regardless of what that purchase is, at some point we have all experienced it. But can you experience it with purchasing real estate? Absolutely! While real estate takes more time, research and money, it can happen. Thankfully, there are ways to avoid it with some good tips and advice.   

1.) One of the most important parts of buying Lynden, WA real estate is making sure you choose a qualified local realtor. A good quality realtor will have your best interest at heart and will strongly advise against making a purchase that can end in disaster. Keep in mind I have sold a lot of homes and worked with a lot of buyers and sellers so if a certain situation seems questionable or problematic, I can alert you that this may not be the best buy.

2.) We have all heard “Location, Location, Location!”, and your home for sale in Lynden, WA is not the exception to the rule. Everyone has an area and neighborhood that best suits them for a variety of reasons. Whether it is because this Lynden, WA real estate is close to local schools, proximity to work or certain amenities. When you give up that great location for a bad one you are settling for a longer commute and potentially a community that just doesn’t fit your personality and needs. At first this may seem do-able, but after a few years, you could feel frustrated with your decision.

3.) Not thinking about your future. There are a few scenarios where you may not have to think about your future. If you don’t have any family that you would care for at some point, you do not intend on having a family or you simply plan to live in the Lynden, WA real estate for sale briefly and then rent out, you can likely bypass this section. However, if you intend for your Lynden, WA real estate buy to be a family home you will need to think about yard size, storage, space for children and family events, stairs (in the event you have elderly relatives staying with you at some point), garage space and so much more. You will also want to think about future developments in the area too. If the neighborhood is fully developed and there are no spots that new businesses or homes could pop up in, you should be fine. However, if the area has a lot of undeveloped space, you need to consider that the next block over could get turned into a scene or industrial area. With this, comes more people, traffic and noises. Living in the here and now is great, but when it comes to a major financial investment, you definitely need to think down the road.

4.) Buying more than you can afford. If you were approved for that large home loan, you likely are pretty excited. Let the dream Lynden, WA real estate shopping commence…….or should you? Just because you got the loan, doesn’t mean you should buy at the top of your budget. Think about the extra expenses: Can you afford the extra furniture and décor, the bigger utility bills, the maintenance and repairs? Being house poor isn’t exactly something you will be glad you did 10 years down the road so REALLY think about whether or not you want to take on a big Lynden, WA real estate investment. You may be able to afford it now, but that could change down the road.

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