Uncategorized July 11, 2016

Do Cleaner Homes Appraise Better?

When you work in Lynden real estate it is not uncommon to be asked questions regarding all things homes, even when you are “off the clock”. A common question that some people ask “off record” is whether or a not a perfectly clean home appraises for more money. Wondering what impresses the appraiser is a good thing to have on your mind. After all, the bank will only fund what the appraiser says the home is worth. So if you want smooth sailing through closing, making sure that appraisal comes back at the agreed upon purchasing price is something both buyers and sellers hope for.

While a wink and a subtle pass of a crumpled up $20 bill won’t do the trick (and you shouldn't do it anyway), deep cleaning and decluttering your home has been said to tip the scales in your favor. Think about it. Appraisers are still people and most people hold something that is tidy and presents nicely at a higher value. While most appraisers say this doesn’t really make a difference, some agents say that subconsciously, it does.  After all, a buyer is usually swayed by the cleaner house that smells nice over the house that is a mess and smells bad.

 A clean Lynden home for sale isn’t the only thing to keep in mind. Think about when you are in a bad mood or hungry. What type of decisions do you make when you are hungry or upset? While you have to keep it professional when it comes to work, there are subconscious factors that can sway choices and how you make decisions. So someone in a good mood will probably give a better appraisal than someone who is having an awful day. While you can’t change a complete stranger’s mood, you can make their job a little easier.  Create a list of everything you have done to the house. Upgrades you did and the things that they won’t be able to see, like new electrical wiring, a new roof or an HVAC system. You can even hand them the list of comps (comparable Lynden real estate that has sold nearby) your Lynden Realtor gave you so that they don’t have to dig for the info themselves and you know they aren’t missing any accurate information.

 Going back to the hunger, several studies have showed that while at work, the decisions people make right before they eat lunch sometimes aren’t as lenient as the decisions they make after they have eaten. So while a 5 course meal with filet mignon is way too over the top, have some freshly baked healthy treats or individually packaged snacks that they can munch on as they walk through or eat on the road after they leave.  While an honest appraiser should not be swayed by some freshly baked brownies, this is a nice gesture that also ensures they aren’t distracted by a grumbling stomach.

Basically, if you want to squeeze every bit of value out of your appraisal, treat the appraiser as you would a potential buyer. Keep your Lynden real estate tidy, make their tour easy by providing them important details and give them a snack so they aren’t rushing through to go eat. For more questions on Lynden, WA real estate, give me a call at 360-410-0848.