Uncategorized May 27, 2016

How To Move AND Save Money

If you have bought or sold Lynden real estate recently, moving is in your near future. Moving is tough enough as it is, what with having to pack up your entire life during your spare time and all. On top of being time consuming, moving also happens to be pretty expensive. If you are simply moving across town, you can save on costs by enlisting the help of relatives and friends…..and their trucks! Even if that isn't an option, there are still some great ways to save money when moving into your Lynden, WA real estate for sale.

1.) Lose the loot! The lime green bridesmaid dress you wore 10 years ago? Toss it. The Halloween buckets your kids used 5 years ago to collect candy? Give it away. The white elephant gifts still in the box? Garage sale. Whatever it is you hold on to (and don't use), get rid of it. Everyone has clutter. It is a direct result of these busy lives we lead. However, when it comes to moving into your new Lynden, WA real estate, the less you have to move, the less it will cost. Have a garage sale, donate to families in need, give things to local charities, just don't move stuff you havent touched in years thinking you will make use of it in your new Lynden home for sale.

2.) Find Free Boxes. Post on social media asking friends if they have any extra boxes. Stop by local businesses a few days before recycling day. Check out Freecycle, Craigslist or Boxcycle. Ask your Lynden, WA realtor what resources they know of. There are so many affordable (sometimes free!) solutions when it comes to finding boxes.

3.) If you can help it, try and move during the "off season". Spring, summer and at the end of the month are when most people time their relocating. While a popular time to move, you can get better deals on services (moving companies, anyone?) when times are slow. Just acknowledge the current slow season when discussing rates with the moving company so they know you are aware of this fact. Sure this means you may have to move in to a Lynden home for sale during a wind storm, but it could save you a substantial amount of money.

4.) Don’t rely on estimates when moving out of your Lynden, WA real estate. Get a guaranteed price otherwise your move could be way over budget. A moving company should be able to come to your Lynden home for sale, look at everything that needs to be relocated and give you a cost. If they can't, be sure to ask what the maximum cost would be so that you know what the highest number would be and can budget for it. Don’t forget to factor in tipping while you are at it.

5.)  Keep track of all your receipts and costs. When you buy Lynden, WA real estate and have to move, you can write almost all of it off during tax time.

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