Uncategorized March 23, 2016

Pre Inspection & Why It Can Help You Before You List Your Lynden Home

 If you are selling your Lynden home, you are probably already very aware of all the things to do in preparation before you list. The usual pre listing steps usually involve de-cluttering, creating curb appeal, cleaning and staging.  But can you do more? Agents are more commonly recommending pre-inspections to home buyers. A newer home likely won’t need it, but one that has been in the neighborhood for decades could greatly benefit from it. As well as you! Imagine this scenario: You go through all the effort it takes to put your home for sale in Lynden on the market, you get an offer and then the inspection report comes back with some unsavory news. Now what? Here is what you can do to prevent this scenario.

Let’s start outside with the roof. The Pacific Northwest is known for its wet weather, and even more recently, we got some very high winds.  Intense weather over time can cause damage to the exterior that you may not see. All that precipitation could cause a leaky roof and down the line, mold. In fact, sometimes, problems are so minor, you don’t even know you have an issue….until you do. Before listing your home for sale in Lynden, ask your qualified Lynden realtor for some referrals on certified inspectors. Set up an appointment and have them take a look at your home for sale in Lynden and then have them make any major repairs before you get an offer and go through the inspection process.

Going inside, one of the most common issues that come back on an inspection report is electrical. The reasons vary but it can be bad wiring, ungrounded fixtures, and so much more. Electrical issues can be a fire hazard and are considered very unsafe. If it has been awhile since an electrician has been by, consider having one come out before you list your Lynden home for sale.

We get so caught up with the daily grind that we often let things go. Most of the time it isn’t intentional and letting something go for a little bit is ok. Over an extended period of time, however, is a different story.  If you have been putting things on the back burner (like that leaky faucet) longer than recommended and are thinking of selling your Lynden home, you could be overdue for some maintenance. When calling a maintenance person, make sure you pick one that comes with excellent references. Choosing the cheapest and quickest could cost you more in the long run.

Speaking of choosing the cheapest and quickest, know when to call a professional. So many folks think they can do the work themselves and simply pay the cost of materials. If you are a contractor or experienced in what needs to be fixed, this is great. If not, save yourself the time and call a professional. This move could also save you money (and a headache!) in the long run.

If you are about to list your home in Lynden for sale, chat with your Lynden realtor about making sure potential problems have been identified and fixed by a professional before listing. A quality realtor will be able to advise on this topic and provide further information on the pre listing steps. For more information on Lynden real estate, call me at 360-410-0848.