Uncategorized March 22, 2016

Your Dream Lynden Home Just Went Pending. Now What?

Yikes! It is what every buyer loses sleep over: Your dream home for sale in Lynden just went pending, and not by your offer. Likely, you toured many Lynden open houses for sale and felt this one by far suited all your wants and needs. You may feel defeated, but don’t go searching for another property just yet. Pending does not mean sold and the deal is not done. This home could still potentially be yours. Here is what you can do to tip the scale in your favor.  

•Let the owner of the Lynden home for sale know that you are still interested. If your Lynden realtor and the seller’s Lynden realtor know how much you love this property, you will likely be the first person they call if something goes awry and the deal falls through.

•Dig up some dirt and try and get the details. See if your Lynden real estate agent is able to make some calls and find out if there are parts of the offer that are not firm. Learn as much about the Lynden property for sale as possible. Tax records are a great resource and while you may never need this information, you could come across something that could swing the pendulum in your favor if the deal falls through.

•Play hard ball with a backup offer that can’t be refused. If this is your dream home for sale in Lynden and you can’t bear the thought of losing it to someone else, you will have to draw outside the lines a bit. Use the intel you find out about the property to come up with an offer the sellers find more convenient. This could be a little more money, flexible moving date, waving certain contingencies or even offering to pay some closing costs. Plus, by being open to ideas and negotiations, you make yourself look better as a buyer. Especially if the buyer in front of you is being too difficult for whatever reason.  

It is like the saying goes “If you want something you have never had, you must be willing to do something you have never done." Even if being a little more aggressive is not in your nature, if you want this property, you have to put in the effort and do something that will get the sellers attention.

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