Uncategorized March 22, 2016

Buying a Lynden Home in 2016

If you are in the market to buy a home in Lynden, you may want to check out the 2016 Forecast. In a nutshell, the general prediction is that this year is going to be a seller's market. Spring has just barely started and we are definitely seeing that this forecast is holding true so far. Lynden homes for sale are moving, and fast. While a seller's market is a positive sign for the economy, it can be tough if you are looking to get a piece of Lynden Real Estate as a buyer. Depending on what your budget and requirements are, it can mean a lot of competition among buyers, bidding wars and even an emotional roller coaster. In fact more than ever, it is crucial that you pick a qualified Lynden Realtor, as those of us who have been in the business a long time can help make this a smooth and successful transition. However, there are a few things you can do too, or not do actually. Read on for some helpful tips to get that dream home for sale in Lynden.

First, let's establish that pricing can be a touchy subject. If you are not a Lynden Realtor, don’t claim that the seller has priced their Lynden home for sale too high and then further complicate the situation by submitting a low ball offer. In most scenarios, qualified Lynden Realtors will price a home according to the neighborhood comparable. These are similar properties in the same area that have already sold. If for some reason your Lynden real estate agent agrees the property is a bit high, still keep that info to yourself. Why? Well, when you say that a home isn't worth a certain price point, the interpretation can also be that it isn't nice enough to get that kind of money. Which could result in a seller with hurt feelings. During a competitive market, you must make sure that you play nice. Plus, low ball offers also give you the "Not a serious buyer" label.

Speaking of playing nice, do not, I repeat DO NOT insult the seller’s home décor. Even though some comments are just made in passing, when you say things like "I cannot wait to tear out these counters and put nice ones in" or "This paint color is horrific", you are essentially telling the seller of the Lynden home for sale that their taste is awful. In a multiple bidding war, they will likely pick someone else. Keep your remodel plans to a minimum until after closing. They are aware you will likely make some changes to suite your taste and needs, but you don't need to verbalize it unless they ask. Even then, play it nice. 

When you do find that dream house for sale in Lynden, play hard to get. Think of buying a home for sale in Lynden as dating. In fact, the folks over at Realtor.com did an excellent blog post comparing the two and it was spot on. You can read it here. If you lay all your cards out on the table up front, the seller could think they have you right where they want you and that could result in loss of bargaining power. As in, they think there is a chance they can get more money out of you. So say nice things, but don’t be overly googly eyed.

Now that we have switched over to the topic of money, keep your budget between you, your Lynden Realtor and the bank. Another thing that can dampen the negotiations is sharing your budget with the seller or their agent. Every seller's goal is to get the most money for the least amount of time. When you share your budget, you have put your cards on the table at once. Chances are the property is priced accordingly, but if it is not, you don't want to affect your chances of getting your home for sale in Lynden at fair market value.

Finally, refrain from asking why the home is for sale in the first place. You likely just want to know how someone could part with such a darling property for sale in Lynden, but it could be a sensitive or private matter. Death, divorce, disability and no longer being able to care for the property are a couple of reasons, although the list goes on. An alternative is asking your Lynden Realtor, but don't push it. If a bidding war happens, this is a prime example of an “insert foot in mouth” question that could toss your offer out.

If you have certain questions about a home for sale in Lynden, ask your qualified Realtor. If there is a question they don’t know the answer to, ask them if they deem your question appropriate to ask the seller. For more information on Lynden real estate, give me a call at 360-410-0848.