Uncategorized February 9, 2016

What To Ask At An Open House

As a buyer, you will spend a lot of time touring open houses in Lynden. While this can potentially be a bit overwhelming and eventually exhausting depending on how many you have had to meander through, this is a great opportunity to get valuable information straight from the seller’s agent. Before you go, come up with a few key questions to ask so that you can make the most of your time. Be sure to discuss some of these with your Lynden realtor ahead of time, as they may already know the answers. 

How many offers have been made?

This question will most likely be answered honestly as the agent will hope that you make a competitive offer.  This question is key though because it could save you some time if you really like it but can’t go over budget on a home. If you know that this home has an offer, you can keep looking and not get attached as some potential buyers do. Or, if you really want the Lynden home for sale, you can prepare to make an offer over the asking listing price.

How many price reductions have there been?

This question does a couple of things. It lets you know how flexible the price is and how motivated the seller. While your agent can get this information for you, the seller’s agent will be able to tell you why a home has been reduced multiple times.It could be as innocent as the seller wants it sold as soon as possible or there is a strict moving deadline. On the other side, they can tell you why a home’s price hasn’t been reduced and may not for some time. Either way, this information is good to have.

How long has this property been on the market?

This is another question your agent can tell you but is also good to get an answer from the seller’s agent. A lot of people seem to assume the worst when they see a home has been sitting for a while. It could be as innocent as a previous offers financing falling through.

Does the seller have a strict timeline?

Timing plays such a huge role in everything and sometimes a seller will pick a buyer based on similar timelines. Whether they want to sell quickly or delay it so that their kids can finish school or they can put in an extended notice at work, this is information that can help you put together a tempting offer that benefits them.

What can you tell me about the neighbors?

Since Lynden is a small community, you likely know about the neighborhood and nearby attractions. However, you many not know the neighbors. Whether you are looking for a neighborhood made up of retiree's, young families, singles, this answer will give you some insight on whether the neighborhood (and the folks you share a fence with!) is right for you.

Talk with your Lynden Realtor about what are the most important and appropriate questions to ask at an open house. The whole purpose of an open house is to get as much information as possible. Being prepared ahead of time will help you get the most out of the ytour. For more information regarding the home buying process and local open houses, give me a call!