Uncategorized February 9, 2016

Finding A Qualified Lynden Realtor

Searching for the right Lynden REALTOR® is just as important as searching for a home to buy. When you think about it, Real Estate is such a massive industry, you can probably name off the top of your head at least a few people in your sphere that have their license and are eager to help you with the purchase of your next Lynden home for sale. While it is nice to help your loved ones out with their career, it is more important to find a realtor with the right qualities and characteristics that are extremely important for a seamless real estate transaction. Here, we will guide you with not only what traits to look for in a qualified REALTOR®, but questions to ask when you are interviewing realtors as well. And yes, you absolutely should interview the person who will guide you through a major financial investment like buying a home. 

•Honesty and professionalism are two non-negotiable traits. Having someone professionally tell you their honest, experienced opinion on your home’s value as well as an accurate analysis of the current market is going to start the buying or selling process off on the right foot.

•Local market knowledge, especially in a unique town like Lynden, Washington, is pertinent. You need a Lynden REALTOR®  that can inform you of your home’s value based on historic and present market conditions as well as any restrictions and regulations a property might have. 

•Strong branding and association with a reputable company also goes a long way. Reputable companies hand pick their agents based on proven success rates and quality characteristics. They also provide cutting edge technology and tools for marketing your property which ensures your home is front and center on a global level. Windermere's  focus has always been on three basic principles: hiring the best people and giving them the best tools so they can create thriving communities. Infact, when John Jacobi founded Windermere Real Estate in 1972, he created it based on his vision for the way real estate should work. Most real estate companies were focused on bigger and better, while John's goal was simply anticipating and responding to buyer's and seller's needs while supporting their local communities. A farely simple idea, however fourty years later that vision has worked and there are now more than 300 offices with more than 7,000 agents. 

•Strong connections. A well connected Lynden real estate agent will have resources other agents don’t have. Knowledge of pocket listings, properties soon to be on the market & good relationships with local real estate professionals are just a few perks. Why are good industry relationships so importan? They make for a smooth transaction. No one wants to lose the business of a successful real estate agent. 

If you have questions regarding buying or selling a home in Lynden, Washington, give me a call. I would be happy to help.